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Department of Veterans Affairs: According to 38 CFR § 3.307(a)(6)(iii), eligibility for the presumption of Agent Orange exposure requires that a Veteran’s military service involved “duty or visitation in the Republic of Vietnam” between January 9, 1962 and May 7, 1975. This includes service within the country of Vietnam itself or aboard a ship that operated on the inland waterways** of Vietnam. However, this does not include service aboard a large ocean-going ship that operated only on the offshore waters of Vietnam, unless evidence shows that a Veteran went ashore. Inland waterways include rivers, canals, estuaries, and deltas. They do not include open deep-water bays and harbors such as those at Da Nang Harbor, Qui Nhon Bay Harbor, Nha Trang Harbor, Cam Ranh Bay Harbor, Vung Tau Harbor, or Ganh Rai Bay. These are considered to be part of the offshore waters of Vietnam because of their deep-water anchorage capabilities and open access to the South China Sea.

**Ships operating temporarily on Vietnam's inland waterways: USS Anchorage (LSD 36) transported troops and supplies into Qui Nhon Bay during June 1970 and January 1972

**Ships operating on Vietnam's close coastal waters for extended periods with evidence that smaller craft from the ship regularly delivered supplies or troops ashore: USS Anchorage (LSD 36) transported troops and supplies to and from shore with smaller craft at Da Nang, Cam Ranh Bay, Vung Tau, and An Thoi from February 1970 through July 1972


'Atomic Veterans' fall in one of these two categories; those who participated in nuclear testing 1946-1962 or the cleanup 1977-1980.

USS Anchorage (LSD 36) visited Enewetak Atoll several times between January 1, 1977 and December 31.1980. The VA does not currently recognize illnesses connected to the exposure of radiation during cleanup, but there is legislation before the House. Visit H.R.3967 - Honoring our PACT Act of 2022. Take special notice of 'SEC. 401. TITLE IV - PRESUMPTIONS OF SERVICE CONNECTION'.


Asbestos was used on USS Anchorage (LSD 36) during construction which started in 1967.


There were several ways of becoming exposed while on USS Anchorage (LSD 36).