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General Quarters, General Quarters. All hands needed for raising reunion funds!

Can you help? Please share.

LSD36.COM is currently raising money for our 2024 reunion. Our biggest expense is always transportation to/from the hotel and events. If enough money is raised, we would be able to lower or eliminate the cost of events and meals. Please share our campaign.

All contributors will be recognized at the event, on our website, and through social media. There are several ways an individual or business can contribute:

Cash Donation Towards a Specific Purpose

Transportation to/from hotel and events is one of our biggest expenses. We try and use personal vehicles whenever possible.

Welcome Reception will be an informal event held at the official hotel; crew currently pays individually.

Main Event is a 3-Hour whale watching cruise; $48.00 per person.

Group Lunch will be at Seaport Village just after a tour of the USS Midway Museum.

If you are interested in making a cash donation towards a specific purpose listed above, please contact Michael at (619) 750-6390.

We are also interested in raising money to ...

Besides our main FundRazr page, we also hold various fundraising events.

Panda Express and TapRoom fundraisers

Panda Express donated 28% of nationwide sales when our code was used on three fundraising days; November 10, January 24, and March 20.

TapRoom in Pacific Beach, San Diego, donated 20% of sales when our fundraiser was mentioned on April 3 and June 8.

On behalf of the entire crew, “Thank You!” for your support.

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