There are several things to be considered when planning future reunions.

  • Should it be held on the West Coast, East Coast, or in the Midwest?
  • What time of year and what weather can we expect at the selected location?
  • How much money will the crew pay for travel, hotel, and food?
  • Will the crew pre-pay to cover deposits required?
  • How many will show?


UPDATED Sep 29 -- Here are the current 'reunion location' poll results: Anchorage in June/July (13) and San Diego in October (27)

UPDATED Sep 26, 2018 -- The final poll results showed most of the crew prefered our next reunion to be in 2020. Somebody had suggested Anchorage as a location, but travel cost might be prohibitive for some. I have placed one last poll on FB asking for the preferred location in 2020: Anchorage in June or July or San Diego in October. If you do not use FB poll, feel free to EMail your vote.

Reunion Schedule:

  • Friday - TBD
  • Saturday Morning - TBD
  • Saturday Afternoon - TBD
  • Saturday Evening - Main Reunion Event
  • Sunday Morning - TBD

Additional weekend events may include a welcome reception Friday night, a Saturday morning or afternoon group meal (or just personal time), and/or a Sunday departure meal.


2013 Saturday October 5 - San Diego

Enterprise Rent A Car, Marriott, and Choice Hotels offered reduced weekend rates for the crew.


  • QM Alan Bescan 5/73-12/76
  • Jupiter Bongolan 4/97-5/01
  • DC Morgan Croft 00-04
  • MM Joe Croney 10/68-4/71 *Plank Owner
  • Stephen Fabbri 8/69-1/71
  • Jacinto Ganac Jr 10/01-10/03
  • MA Bob Haslett 7/77-7/80
  • DC David Kessler 3/02-10/03
  • BM Michael McGrath 6/76-1/78
  • MA Dave Rios 1/85-8/87
  • EM Charles Shorkey 7/73-11/76
  • MM Royd Stewart 11/00-10/01
  • Douglas Tibbitts 93-11/96
  • BT Hank Watson
  • FT Steven Weethee 2/71-3/73


  • Saturday Morning - Breakfast at Old Town Mexican Café
  • Saturday Afternoon - Tour of the USS Anchorage LPD23
  • Saturday Evening - Dinner at Randy Jones All-American Grill, presentation by USS Anchorage LPD23 Commander Joel Stewart
  • Sunday Morning - Farewell breakfast at Old Town Mexican Café