As of now, the following reunion information is only for reunions organized by me. These reunions will always be for the entire crew; all rates, all years. There may be other reunions which I am not aware of. Are you planning a ship reunion? Want that information listed here? Please EMail me the details.

There are several things to be considered when planning our reunions: Should it be held on the West Coast, East Coast, or in the Midwest? What time of year and what weather can we expect at the selected location? How much money will the crew pay for travel, hotel, and food? Will the crew pre-pay to cover deposits required? How many will show?


February 8, 2019: No major changes since my last update. Other reunion scenarios are being looked at. CHECK BACK FOR UPDATES

Hotels: I will eliminate my idea for a budget room block. I'm concentrating on the lowest possible rates at a hotel where the reunion might be held. I will probably reserve a block of 10-20 rooms at $159ish. I will be responsible for 85% of the block. Please EMail me whether you would be using my hotel block or making your own arrangements.

I am looking at October 9-10 or 16-17. Check back for exact dates, weekend schedule updates, car rental discount, and other important reunion news.


Last count showed 36 attending the 2020 reunion. Final poll results showed most crew wanted 2020 over 2019 and San Diego over Anchorage.



Breakfasts at Old Town Mexican Cafe, Saturday afternoon tour of the USS Anchorage LPD23, and Saturday dinner at Randy Jones All-American Grill with a presentation by USS Anchorage LPD23 Commander Joel Stewart.


  • QM Alan Bescan 5/73-12/76
  • Jupiter Bongolan 4/97-5/01
  • DC Morgan Croft 00-04
  • MM Joe Croney 10/68-4/71 *Plank Owner
  • Stephen Fabbri 8/69-1/71
  • Jacinto Ganac Jr 10/01-10/03
  • MA Bob Haslett 7/77-7/80
  • DC David Kessler 3/02-10/03
  • BM Michael McGrath 6/76-1/78
  • MA Dave Rios 1/85-8/87
  • EM Charles Shorkey 7/73-11/76
  • MM Royd Stewart 11/00-10/01
  • Douglas Tibbitts 93-11/96
  • BT Hank Watson
  • FT Steven Weethee 2/71-3/73